a bridge... between the People & the Police

A village girl is gang-raped in front of her helpless boyfriend, who does not dare to inform anyone but cries quietly.

Laaddi is murdered in broad daylight by some hooligans whom Sukhdev witnessed. He rushes back home on his bicycle and barges inside the house looking absolutely tensed.

His daughter looks worried at her father’s perspiring face. Next moment she comes to know that her fathersaw some men killing their neighbor Laaddi. She asks her father, whether he informed the Police, but Sukhdev says that, “It is suicidal to call the Police, they will trap us instead!”

Sukhdev, who had himself witnessed a murder happening, is not ready to help or inform the Police and this is just because he doesn’t have faith in them and he fears them. In fact not just Sukhdev, but today any other common man too thinks the same and they don’t even trust them.
Until and unless the Common man doesn’t understand the Police and the feeling of friendship do not develop between the People and the Police, everything will continue to remain the same.

Is there corruption in the Police force?
Yes, there is!

In fact not just the Police force? Corruption is everywhere!

But just because of a few corrupt Police officers, are we not making a mistake by seeing the entire Police department with the same perspective?
Of course, you cannot deny the fact that there are Police officers who are very honest and consider their duty as worship. They take firm steps against all kinds of atrocities & corruptions. Sometimes they even risk their lives in arresting a criminal & they face all kinds of difficulties while performing such duties, but they never deter from their commitment.
The Police often forget their families; even their near & dear ones have to bear the brunt of their integrity towards our nation.

A Policeofficer, whom you see in the uniform, too is someone’s daughter& a sister!

The man wearing a Police uniform is someone’s husband as well and a father too!

In fact the same blood rushes in their body which rushes in ours!

They maintain peace and protect us all!

And many a times whilst doing this, they have to detach themselvesfromtheir families, relatives and friends by giving priority to their duty &this uniform they wear.

And in response to them, We… the People, must go out of our ways to respect such Police Officers by having faith in them, by giving them more courage and also by making the others aware of these facts, so that the people at large, start having a belief in our Police and help them in maintaining law & order in our country.

‘SIREN’, is a story of a few such daring & honest Police officers, who see only the truth. They have sworn to finish the crime & the underworld, these Police officers do not think twice while risking their lives as and when they are required to.
Their families too have to go through all this, but they never look back ever while treading on this difficult path.

‘SIREN’, will show how a Police officer solves each and every case by using his or her intelligence & strength. Through our lead protagonists&‘SIREN’, we will convey, that when a common man joins hand with the Police force, how easy it becomes to catch a criminal.

We will also guide & make the people aware of many things, by showing them how to protect themselves against crimes like house breaking, cheating etc. with a very crisp, entertaining & intriguing narrative, in a way sending messages toevery individual through the show.

We hope that ‘SIREN’ will successfully bridge the gap between the People and the Police and then both will together take steps to eradicate crime, atrocities and corruption from our Nation.
‘SIREN’ is an ode to the entire Police community!


While contemplating on the concept of a Television Series for your esteemed organization & after looking at the content and reach of the various other T.V. Channels, we decided to pitch ‘SIREN’as we felt this is the need of the hour, not just because of the crimes that occur throughout our nation but also because of the need to bridge the gap between the People and our Police.

We will be showing various different stories & cases and at same time we will try and convey the viewers, how to be aware & alert of the various crimes narrated here in ‘SIREN’.


Our Two main Characters:

Vikram Singh – [The name conveys – Bravery] The Male Police Officer

Vikram is in his 30s, a married Police officer, who has a wife and a daughter. His father too served the Police and now he too has sworn to do his best for the force. He is a brave & emotional officer, a great friend to his colleagues.

Sweta Kumar – [The name conveys – Purity] The Female Police Officer

Sweta is in her mid-twenties and a single woman living with her Mother & her brother. Being a woman, she is a dare devil Police officer and well trained to take on any dreadful criminal. She is focused and her duty is her worship. She’s a tough young woman.

Other Characters:

Apart from the characters mentioned above, we have these Police Officer’s colleagues, we have their families as well.

Additionally, all other characters will get involved as per the stories and cases as and when they come up episode wise.


We will be showing various stories & cases in approximately 2 or more episodes. The treatment will be such that it will look like the story of the Cops. The cases incorporated will convey & make our audiences aware & alert of the various crimes that one has to be careful of.

How do we plan to narrate?

The idea of our look & feel of this show is to narrate the stories in a way that looks more realistic, logistically correct & believable.

We will try and minimize the use of heavy make-up and typical studio lights and repetitive/melodramatic use of the same shots/camera angles. We will stick to high contrast/source lighting & a very crisp edit along with intriguing background score with scenes of shorter durations.

We will also include an action sequence in each story [If the budget permits], which will be the highlight of each of our cases. The execution of these action sequences will not be the typical T.V. style but very whacky & contemporary like a film look.

Emotional moments are very important & we miss watching them in most of such shows that are on air. We will keep the viewers hypnotized with our lead & supporting characters so that they start relating to them as the show progresses and as and when they appear on the screen.

Whom do we dedicate this show?

We also plan to put a title card in the beginning that says, “SIREN is dedicated to all those Police Officers who have sacrificed their lives while performing their duties & who have helped maintain law & order in our nation.”

This way we plan to get associated with the Local Police as well. We are soon meeting the Director General of Police for Punjab, India and showing them the Promo, so that he helps us in getting the realistic feel, through the on location shoots, properties he might allow us to use, their authentic uniforms, original ammunitions & vehicles etc.